Dark Obsession

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Cover of Dark Obsession by Fredrica Alleyn 0352345241title:

Dark Obsession (Black Lace)

author:Fredrica Alleyn
format:Paperback Buy Dark Obsession Now
publisher:Black Lace
released:June 4, 2009
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Scandal and mischief in the aristocracy - Dark Obsession, a classic romp from Fredrica Alleyn. Ambitious young interior designer Annabel Moss is delighted when a new assignment takes her to Leyton hall - home of the very wealthy Lord and Lady Corbett-Wynne. But the grandeur of the house and the impeccable family credentials are a fa├žade for some shockingly salacious practices. Lord James is spending an unusual amount of time in the stables while his idle son shows little interest in anything save his step-sister, Tania. Meanwhile, Lady Marina is harbouring dark secrets of her own. Annabel is drawn into a world of decadence where anything is allowed as long as a respectable appearance prevails. In an atmosphere of intensity and sexual secrecy, she becomes involved in a variety of interesting situations.

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