Born Under a Million Shadows

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Cover of Born Under a Million Shadows by Andrea Busfield 0552775630title:

Born Under a Million Shadows

author:Andrea Busfield
format:Paperback Buy Born Under a Million Shadows Now
publisher:Black Swan
released:April 23, 2009
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The Taliban have disappeared from Kabul s streets, but the long shadows of their brutal regime remain. In his short life eleven-year-old Fawad has known more grief than most: his father and brother have been killed, his sister has been abducted, and Fawad and his mother, Mariya, must rely on the charity of family to eke out a hand-to-mouth existence. Then Mariya finds a position as housekeeper for a charismatic western woman, Georgie, and Fawad dares to hope for an end to their struggle. He soon discovers that his beloved Georgie is caught up in a dangerous love affair with the powerful Afghan warlord Haji Khan, a legendary name on the streets of Kabul. At first resentful of Haji Khan s presence, Fawad learns that love can move a man to act in surprising ways, and an overwhelming act of generosity persuades him of the warlord s good intentions. But even a man as influential as Haji Khan can t protect Fawad from the next tragedy to blight his young life, a tragedy so devastating that it threatens to destroy the one thing Fawad thought he could never lose: his love for his country.

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