Collected Essays 2

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Cover of Collected Essays 2 by H. P. Lovecraft 0972164499title:

Collected Essays 2: Literary Criticism

author:H. P. Lovecraft
format:Paperback Buy Collected Essays 2 Now
publisher:Hippocampus Press
released:April 1, 2004
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Published in 2004 in paperback, 248pp, ISBN 0972164499, this book is entitled 'Collected Essays Volume 2: Literary Criticism', and is edited by S. T. Joshi. H. P. Lovecraft's writings in the realm of literary criticism are unfailingly acute and cover a surprisingly wide range. Besides his authoritative early essay on "The Literature of Rome" (1918), other works condemn free verse and simple spelling, and devote attention to neglected poets. Discovering weird fiction as his chosen field, he wrote essays on "Lord Dunsany and His Work" (1922), and essays on Frank Belknap Long, etc. Late in Life, Lovecraft codified his grasp of weird literature writing such pieces as "Notes on Writing Weird Fiction" (1933) and "Some Notes on Interplanetary Fiction" (1934). Contents: Introduction by S. T. Joshi; Metrical Regularity; The Allowable Rhyme; The Proposed Authors' Union; The Vers Libre Epidemic; Poesy; The Despised Pastoral; The Literature of Rome; The Simple Spelling Mania; The Case for Classicism; Literary Composition; Editor's Note to "A Scene for Macbeth" by Samuel Loveman; Winifred Virginia Jackson: A "Different" Poetess; The Poetry of Lilian Middleton; Lord Dunsany and His Work; Rudis Indigestaque Moles; Introduction to the Poetical Works of Jonathan E. Hoagl; Ars Gratia Artis; In the Editor's Study; [Random Notes]; [Review of Ebony and Crystal by Clark Ashton Smith]; The Professional Incubus; The Omnipresent Philistine; The Work of Frank Belknap Long, Jr; Supernatural Horror in Literature; Preface [to White Fire by John Ravenor Bullen]; Notes on "Alias Peter Marchall", by A. F. Lorenz; Foreword [to Thoughts and Pictures by Eugene B. Kuntz]; Notes on Verse Technique; Weird Story Plots; [Notes on Weird Fiction]; Notes on Writing Weird Fiction; Some Notes on Interplanetary Fiction; What Belongs in Verse; [Suggestions for a Reading Guide]; Appendix: The Poetry of John Ravenor Bullen; The Favourite Weird Stories of H. P. Lovecraft; Supernatural Horror in Literature; Index

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