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Cover of Patriots by Rawles James Wesley 156975599Xtitle:


author:Rawles James Wesley
format:Paperback Buy Patriots Now
publisher:Ulysses Press
released:July 2, 2009
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Paperback. Pub Date :2009-7-1 Pages: 400 Publisher: Perseus Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse is a thinking mansaction-adventure novel set in the near future. as America is tornby a full scale socio-economic collapse Todd Gray.. an accountant. and his wife Mary. a nurse. live on a ranch in northern Idaho thatwas established several years before. as a safe haven for a selectgroup of friends. most of whom live in Chicago. When the stockmarket collapses and hyperinflation sets in. civilization fallsapart practically overnight. Wholesale rioting and looting gripevery major city. Communication. commerce. transportation. and lawenforcement disappear. Hordes of refugees and looters pour out ofthe cities and into the countryside. Its the end of the world as weknow it. The novel is an highly unusual blend of fiction and fact.While and exciting read. it is essentially a survival...

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